Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Sao Paulo Sociedad Anonima - Oliva 1968

One of my favourite Cuban posters, Sao Paulo is for a classic of the Brazilian new wave. The film depicts an anonimous and difficult city life in Sao Paulo and paints a grim picture of life there. Thanks to Oliva's superb graphics which imitate Roy Lichtenstein's cartoon style this ICAIC poster is garish and dramatic, and it probably had a hard time conveying the negativity of the film.

Here's the opening scene:


f said...


just wanted to say thanks for the info on this site! :)

Ralph DeLuca said...

Cool posters. I am a movie poster collector and am just starting to really appreciate Cuban movie posters. They have very talented artists there.

Ralph DeLuca
Madison NJ

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