Monday, 16 June 2008

Cine Movil - Bachs 1969

A classic of classics of Cuban posters, this 1969 poster for the ICAIC's Cine Movil (Mobile Cinema) project is simplicity itself. Charlie Chaplin on wheels represents the mobile cinema - a lorry that travelled into the Cuban interior to show films to the campesinos. Bachs' poster for the ICAIC is great. Confident, fun and nicely childish. As a designer Bachs' preferred to produce posters for childrens' films and this is typical of his cheeky design ideas.
cuban poster ICAIC cine movil 1969 bachs


Anonymous said...

Great website! Charlie always was a bit on the proletariat side

Char1ie said...

Thanks Marc. Do I know you?


Craigslist Automatic Poster said...

Charlie seem like marc know you . But cant you judge the person from his pic. Or may be he used wrong pic.

Char1ie said...

Thanks Craiglist. I don't recognise him.

Anonymous said...

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