Monday, 12 May 2008

Mas Revolucion

Mas Revolucion (More Revolution) is a text only poster proclaiming war on a variety of imperialist traits - vice, egoism, exploitation, individualism, etc. Compared to a lot of Cuban posters this is very restrained but it still makes great use of scrapbook style cartoon font - once again a playful and fun style for a serious message.

I don't know the date, the agency that issued this or the artist. I suspect Bachs but similar font style turns up in posters by a number of artists.
cuba poster revolution cuban bachs

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Anonymous said...

Hi Charles, came across your blog by accident. Very comprehensive. For the record, the poster in question refers to "blandangueria", a reference to homosexuality rather than "vice". As I am sure you are aware, this highlights that dark period in the 1960s-1970s when Castro attempted to effectively abolish/repress homosexuality through "revolution" - ie, "mas revolucion". So, underneath the colour and movement and obviously impressive graphic design, lurks the ideas of a nasty totalitarian regime. More's the pity. Regards