Sunday, 2 November 2008

Revolución Cuban Poster Art - Lincoln Cushing

Lincoln's efforts to document Cuban posters puts him in the position of being the world's foremost expert on the country's primary graphic arts movement. His efforts to preserve the designs of the Cuban poster agencies have done what could never have been done in Cuba - both in terms of documenting and cataloging, and in sharing poster designs with a global audience.

In Cuba posters have been a tool of a political and cultural ideology that hasn't had the time, effort or resources to document its own work. Step in Lincoln and his associates who have photographed, re-touched, catalogued and shared Cuba's best graphic design. In the feature in Communication Arts magazine and this book, Lincoln's efforts are detailed and the result is the chance to see some very exciting posters. This book is essential.

For more info on the graphic arts visit Lincoln Cushing's Docs Populi page.
cuban poster lincoln cushing Revolución

cuban poster lincoln cushing Revolución

cuban poster lincoln cushing Revolución


Otelie said...

I came over this book at work today, it was just fantastic:) I visited Cuba last year and loved it!

Aine said...

Great blog. Thanks for sharing such a useful and informative art and posters. The designs are really enchanting and amazing. Posters are part of the street semiotic which creates an impact with the people.